• Updates!

    Jun 25, 2022

    We are so sorry for no updates on here! Please make sure you are following us on Facebook at as we go live on there during races. It has been a busy few more

  • Made it to the track!

    Apr 23, 2022

    Wow! Where do we begin? We have so much gratitude and appreciation for everyone who has gotten us to our first practice day! From our families, our sponsors, our friends, our fans, to Jason, Avery, Amber, more

  • Seat is in!

    Mar 29, 2022

    Woo-hoo seat, steering wheel, and pretty much everything but the left spindle and tire is on in the front!! Getting closer!!

  • Being put back together!

    Mar 20, 2022

    Exciting news!! The car has been started being put back together!! Everything is officially painted and powered coated. Body panels were hung to be fitted and cut to size. Now Everything can be put more

  • Paint!

    Mar 08, 2022

    Exciting news! The body is dropped off to be painted! One step closer to being ready!

  • Been Busy

    Mar 04, 2022

    Sorry we haven't updated in awhile. We have been busy trying to raise funds to finish everything and buy everything that we need. We are slowly getting to where we need to be. Car should be going in more

  • Helmet!

    Jan 29, 2022

    Ethan got his new helmet!

  • Work has started

    Jan 23, 2022

    Woo-hoo! Work has started and Ethan jumped right in to help! As his parents we are proud of him for wanting and being hands on through all of it!! Go Ethan!!

  • Dedication

    Jan 26, 2022

    Talk about dedication! Even on a miserable cold day Ethan is out doing sponsorship stuff!!

  • Getting closer

    Jan 18, 2022

    Reality is getting a little bit closer! New body parts are in. Now to get it all together. Ethan is getting excited more every day!